Robert E. McGeary

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Robert McGeary is Founder and President of REM Enterprises, Inc. Bob resides in Portland, OR, with his wife and family.

Bob is an experienced executive and business consultant. He has an impressive ability to bring disparate factions together into win-win solutions. His experience spans many industries and disciplines, from high-tech to academia, and from business management to hands-on engineering. Bob has spent his 30 year career in the military, in scientific research, and in high-tech marketing. Most recently, he has been a founder and president of his own start-up company and a business consultant providing market research and strategic analysis to international companies.

Mr. McGeary’s Professional Experience

  • Marketing and Sales Executive: High-tech capital equipment for the semiconductor industry; extensive international experience in managing sales and product marketing
  • Physicist, Nuclear Engineer: Extensive work in nuclear reactors, high-energy physics, and computers with Lawrence Berkeley Labs, US Naval Reactors, and University of Washington
  • Syndicated Market Research: Founded, staffed, and grew $2 million market research service for Dun & Bradstreet’s Dataquest
  • Consultant: Providing consulting in strategic marketing, business management, and new product development
  • Entrepreneur: Founded a commercial real estate development company, a scuba equipment manufacturing company, and a professional clubs for Chief Executive Officers.
  • Lecturer: AEA, Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Int.; Semiconductor Equipment Assoc. of Japan; Dataquest Conferences
  • Physics Teacher: University of Washington, Portland Cummunity Colleges, Portland State University
  • Adjunct Professor: University of Phoenix

Mr. McGeary's Educational Accomplishments

  • Master of Physics; Portland State University
  • MBA; St. Mary’s College, Marketing
  • BS Physics, BS Math; University of Washington
  • Nuclear Engineering; U.S. Navy
  • Mechanical Engineering; Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Electronics Technician; US Navy
  • Nuclear Reactor Operator; US Navy (NRC license, Security Clearance)

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