REM Business Consultants (REM), a Portland based consulting group, is dedicated to solving complex business problems and to bringing marketing and technological information to executives who are managing high-tech companies. We provide accurate, current information about market sizes, emerging technologies, and the marketing strategies that will succeed in these markets. We promise to bring the highest integrity, greatest moral values, and an unrelenting work ethic to all of our business relationships.

In this protracted industry recession, we offer our services to augment the manager's increasingly onerous task of balancing priorities. Please consider REM as an alternative to the many tough decisions that must be made in this environment.

Area of Expertise

REM brings a broad knowledge of technology and business principles. Our principal consultant, Robert McGeary, has more than 20 years of experience in management and technology. We have been participated in the founding of several businesses and have performed due diligence for investment bankers and venture capitalists.

Some of the industries in which we have experience are:

  • Semiconductor capital equipment
  • Micro-electrical mechanical systems
  • Data Storage
  • Thin film heads
  • Blow-molding plastics manufacturing
  • Recreational diving equipment
  • Electronic switches and relays
  • Nuclear power
  • Education and training
  • High-energy physics
  • Commercial real estate development

The links below will give a sampling of some interesting areas.

Equipment Forecast

This page and its sub-pages will show you a brief overview of a forecasting model for capital spending that is based on semiconductor manufacturing capacity utilization. Our principal created this model as the Director of Research at Dataquest. It was further utilized in a blind, multi-client study of manufacturing productivity among worldwide semiconductor manufacturers.

Micro-Electrical Mechanical Devices

MEMS and Nanotechnology are the enabling technologies for the futuristic applications that are now on engineers CAD screens. We talk about the future of MEMS and list some of our bookmarks for MEMS websites and have included links to Mr. McGeary's papers on the subject. There are a lot more links listed.

Organizational Structure

REM has studied and analyzed companies from the standpoint of organization behavior. Travel to this link to learn about how companies grow and evolve, from inception to maturity.

Company Background

REM is in the business of consulting. We are professional and efficient at solving problems. Visit this page if you are interested in finding out more about REM Business Consulting.


REM will follow a general methodology in forming a team relationship with the client. We will:

  • Formulate a clear statement of the opportunity
  • Work with the client to set measurable goals and objectives
  • Identify the resources that will be used in project
  • Set clear and identifiable milestones
  • Work independently but in close communication with the client to accomplish the tasks at hand
  • Present interim project reports
  • Present a final written report and oral report upon completion

Contact Information

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Portland, OR 97229
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