Our company is a SERVICE company. The value of our product is entirely dependent upon whether we have satisfied the client. We have expertise in the following areas:

Market Audits

REM will analyze your marketing strategy from the ground up. We will perform a situational analysis of your current market, your products, your competition, your customers, your technology, and the internal and external market forces. Your current marketing mix of Product, Place, Price, and Promotion will be defined. We will suggest an optimum marketing mix and positioning strategies to achieve it. You can go forward with forethought.


Our Principle Consultant will perform research into a wide variety of high-tech markets. We will ascertain the potential market size of emerging technologies, perform competitive analyses, estimate market share, and evaluate client company position. We will draw from an extensive network of industry professionals to augment our research and provide insight into the analysis that ensues from the research.


Business Planning

We have written dozens of business plans for many different sizes of companies. The balance sheet, cash flow, and the P&L become the skeleton of the plan and we systematically add each peice. The whole plan is done in the context of a salable product and a firm financial basis.

Strategic Planning

A strong strategic plan is the fundamental starting point for a defensible competitive postion. This plan is done in the context of Michael Porter's Competitive Advantage. The strategy and tactics are based on company strengths, competors' strengths, supply and distribution costs, industry maturity and integration, and return on investment.

Sales Strategy

The capability of the company's sales force is the most important single factor for success. There are no products that sell themselves. Our Principal, Robert McGeary, has over 20 years of managing sales and working in sales. REM will design a strategy that will both optimize the client company's current sales resources and build a path to a more efficient sales and distribution network. Sales training is an integral part of REM's sales strategy program.

Product Planning

Every product has a life of its own and includes more than just the physical product. REM has participated in many different product introductions and carried many products successfully to maturity. We evaluate each product in the context of price/demand relationships, cost competitiveness, the position that the product will or can occupy with respect to other products in the marketplace, the ability to promote and sell the product, and the advantages that may exist because of regionality and potential partnerships.

Financial Planning

REM can provide the planning that will allow the client company to compete for financing from banks, venture capitalists, and other kinds of financial institutions, including angels.

Interim Management

REM has many relationships within high-tech industries. Our Principal, Robert McGeary, and our associates can "step in" to bridge troublesome times in a client company's economic environment, especially in turn-around situations. We can provide executive and middle management resources to give client company's managers the breathing room that they need to get the company back on an even keel.