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REM is an Oregon based management consulting company that focuses on high technology businesses. We specialize in market research, strategic marketing, sales management, business planning, and in motivating other professionals through new and exciting business opportunities.

Robert McGeary, Principal, is a management professional whose experience spans 28 years in technology, marketing, and executive management. Please call us today for a free consultation.


We will treat each client as though we were trusted employees.

We will bring our full abilities and undaunted work ethic to each project.

We will find the client's need and satisfy it.

We will seek out and solve interesting strategic marketing problems.

Business Methodology

REM will attract consulting projects which focus on issues which are created by the marketing of advancing technology. We will structure our projects into 4 phases:
1. Preliminary data acquisition
REM staff will interview client's employees and other pertinent personnel to acquire the current state of understanding of the issues. We will also study existing documentation and information to bring us up to speed.
2. Create a research plan
The project objective and the existing information will be considered with respect to the best way to proceed on the project. A questionnaire will be formulated if necessary. The survey respondents will be selected and the means of acquiring data will be ascertained if necessary. All planning will be done with the consensus of the client.
3. Research phase
The research plan will be implemented. This will entail interim reports and mid-term corrections if necessary.
4. Delivery of report
After research is completed, we will deliver a complete oral report with slides. All research material will be submitted to the client. If required, we will prepare a comprehensive written report.

In some cases, we may perform smaller custom projects in order to ascertain and define a larger problem which exists in the client-company. In these cases, breaking down a situation into a smaller project will provide the direction that the company needs to proceed toward the solution of a more difficult problem. These projects usually can be completed in a very short amount of time with minimal expense.

Please call or e-mail us for a free consultation.

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